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My TFT13 experience with Google Hangouts

On 18 June 2013, I was one of twenty four honoured speakers to present at TFT13 , the world's biggest online IT Service Management conference. My topic was Leading IT Service Management using Agile  and this was my first presentation at an online conference. " TFT, Tomorrow’s Future Today , is the world’s first 24-hour, global, follow-the-sun virtual conference. It has a size and level of innovation that has never been seen before.  Speakers are   selected by their peers   and elevated to a global stage overnight.  All content is accessible,   without registration , pushed to Kindle and Evernote, available on iTunes, Vimeo, YouTube, BrightTALK and SoundCloud. " Shortly after the conference had finished, #tft13 had generated 7.6 million social media impressions. I was humbled to be selected for this event, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with other IT Service Management thought leaders and to learn Google Hangouts. Using my Google+ account , I found infor