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Delivering Problem Management with Kanban

I previously led an IT Service Management team provided Incident, Problem, Change and Configuration Management services in line with   ITIL . Our work was highly variable and ranged  in complexity since we primarily supported other IT professionals in their IT operations. T he whole team used Agile Scrum to manage our work and the problem analysts used Lean Kanban for (ITIL) Problem Management. This blog post will outline how Kanban was applied to effectively deliver our Problem Management service. Our organisation used Agile as the main delivery method for projects, and Lean (based on the Toyota Production System) for operations. Bell and Ozen (2011, p8) suggest Lean aims to empower teams to simplify, then when appropriate, automate routine tasks. Process improvement frees up capacity, providing individuals with more time and better information to exercise problem solving, creativity and innovation in situations that are not routine. What is Kanban? Kanban means sign, sign