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What Crossfit has taught me about IT Service Management

Since the start of 2013 I've been regularly undertaking training in Crossfit . During this period I've learnt various lessons on topics such as warming-up, stretching, basic weight lifting techniques, nutrition and muscle recovery. There are numerous articles in  magazines  and the web on the risks of Crossfit,  particularly  for new or inexperienced participants. From my experience, I enjoyed benefits of sustained weight loss and improved body composition and these have outweighed the two injuries I've sustained in the same period. Recently, I reflected on my fitness progress and came to the realisation that I had  unconsciously  applied some of my lessons learnt from Crossfit into my work (Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)). This article covers some of the lessons learnt and to reduce confusion, I'll refer to training in Crossfit and working in ITSM as simply 'working'. Working without a goal is valueless work. If you turn up to wor