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Using (Agile) planning poker for risk assessment of IT changes

Introduction to (Agile) planning poker In Agile software development, work (new features, maintenance tasks, etc) is timed boxed into sprints or iterations of a fixed time period, usually somewhere between 1 - 4 weeks. Before each iteration begins, the product manager, iteration manager and the team meets in an iteration planning meeting. This meeting aims to determine what work will be pulled from the team's backlog (prioritized list of work awaiting delivery) and delivered in the upcoming iteration.  As part of this iteration planning meeting, the team will either revise or initially score each story card (piece of work) with points. Points are whatever the team decides them to be but usually points are used to gauge how big a story card is to complete. Story cards can be sized using Fibonacci (1,2,4,8) or t shirt sizes (S, M, L, XL). The team usually knows how many points they can deliver in an iteration so assessing each story card, assigning them with their respective po