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Struggling to adopt continuous delivery or DevOps in a large enterprise? Perhaps you should visit an airport.

Compared to other industries, IT is young. Industries or fields of study such as medicine, law, and engineering have been practised for centuries whereas IT is just a few decades old. It is for this reason I often find that the solutions of the problems facing the IT industry can often be found in other mature industries. In recent times, large IT organisations or enterprises have been or are attracted to the concept of continuous delivery (CD) and/or DevOps. This isn't surprising, what CIO would not want to be able to deliver value (often in the form of IT changes releasing new functionality) to the market quicker and more reliably? From my perspective, enterprise IT folk want to be able to deliver the same great outcomes and further demonstrate how they provide value to the business.  There are various challenges facing larger IT enterprises/organisations in adopting CD and/or Devops, most of which are already mentioned in various other blogs. The one challenge I often se