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My newbie experience with Twitterchats

Before the 2014 Australian IT Service Management conference (hosted by @itsmfa +itSMF Australia  ) known as LEADit (#leadit), I was invited by Kathryn Howard (@KathrynHoward  +Kathryn Howard ) to participate in a Twitterchat. I've been in google hangouts and skype calls before, and only really watched twitterchats so actively participating or being interviewed via one was a new experience for me. I was fortunate enough to have Kathryn to guide me through the event and from this, I'd like to share the following tips: Beforehand, participate in other twitterchats (even just to observe) to understand how they flow; Make sure you have a very unique hashtag for your twitterchat so everyone can filter the tweets easily. Be sure to advertise this hashtag very clearly and ask all participates to use it for each tweet;  Promote the twitterchat leading up to the event with the hashtag, and consider the timezone of your target audience; If you are working with another party (e.g.