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Leading IT Service Management from Scrum to Kanban

This month, I had the pleasure of presenting on my updated case study of leading an IT Service Management team who decided to move from Agile Scrum to Lean Kanban. This case study was an extension of my 2012 presentation at LEADit , Australia's premier IT Service Management conference.  In short, the case study refers to our decision to try Lean Kanban rather than Agile Scrum to see if we could deliver higher quality services at a faster rate. We discovered that our use of Lean Kanban encouraged our team to work more reactively and we lost our strong connection to the organisational strategy. One positive from this experience was that after 3 months of using Kanban, the team realised this issue and were able to self-correct by rolling back to Agile Scrum. Other teams did not have this experience so the main lesson to share is that each team needs to really understand the type of work it delivers, and choose a delivery method that best supports their type of work. Leadi