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DevOps certification training - I hope it's not deja vu

I've recently noticed that training organisations have started to advertise DevOps certification training where students gain a fundamental knowledge of DevOps concepts. Attendees can then undertake a multi-choice exam, hopefully leading to a certificate that demonstrates their acquired knowledge in DevOps. I immediately reflected upon a presentation by Michael Ducy (@mfdii) entitled " Why You're Destroying DevOps " at DevOpsDays Brisbane conference in 2014. I felt it was a great thought provoking presentation ( video ) about DevOps as an industry movement. I felt alot of synergies between Michael's current concerns for DevOps and what I have witnessed with ITIL over the past 10 years.  On the topic of certification training, I feel that the method of gaining ITIL certification via multi-choice exams can lead to negative behaviours back in the workplace. In order to pass the foundation exam (which you or your employer has just paid hundreds of dollars), you