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Potential challenges of adopting bimodal IT

Gartner  described bimodal IT as " the need to operate the safe and reliable traditional IT systems while cultivating a more fluid IT that takes advantage of the digital world and its continuous flow from moment to moment". IT organisations are investigating the opportunities presented by disruptive techniques and technologies such as agile and devops, and so it comes as no surprise that the option to adopt bimodal IT is also explored.  In this post, I attempt to outline some potential challenges and questions for an organisation if it adopts a bimodal (twin speed) IT model. I shall label the two speeds: fluid IT and traditional IT. The potential challenges are presented from the following perspectives: Customer, Culture, People, Process, and Technology. Customer Fluid IT customers may have different customer experiences with IT than the other lines of business who use traditional IT. It may also be inconsistent depending on which IT team they interact with. S