IT Organisational Design and Practices Survey 2016

In preparation for a presentation at the Service Management 2016 conference, I was seeking data on modern IT organisational designs and practices. I attempted to acquire this data is via an open survey that closed on Monday 1 August 2016.

I asked people: 

If you work in an IT organisation/department and have 5 spare minutes, I'd appreciate your views. If you are a consultant, please answer on behalf of your last client.

  • This survey is supporting non-for-profit, individual research into IT organisational design and practices. 
  • No personal data is requested or stored and you will not be spammed. 
  • All data will be made available to the public and a summary is provided to you upon completion.
  • You may enter multiple responses and please answer honestly (remember: garbage in = garbage out).

Here is the survey form.

Here is the survey responses dataset.

Questions about this survey can be posted below or directed to me:  
Twitter:  @jonesyianau


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