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ITIL 4 Foundation exam – tips and insights

I attended an ITIL 4 Foundations upgrade course (classroom style training) and successfully passed the examination. During the course, there were some notable concerns raised by some of the attendees related to the volume of new concepts and what could be assessed in the exam. This blog post aims to simply share my experiences and hopefully help others to become more confident with the exam.

Exam Format: The ITIL 4 Foundation exam format is no different to ITIL v3 and is the same format if you attend the 2 day Foundation upgrade, full 3 day Foundation course or an online course. No prerequisite is required and the format is:

Multiple choice examination questions (4 possible answers provided, only 1 is correct)40 questions26 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) - 65%60 minutes’ duration (if the exam is in a language that is not your native or working language you may be given an extra 25% of time – i.e. 75 minutes)Closed book examAvailable as an online or paper-based exam

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My IT Service Management predictions for 2019

With 2019 just commencing, I thought I'd share my predictions for IT Service Management (ITSM) this year.

The Digital Transformation parade will continue to march on.
This year I expect that we'll continue to see and hear much more advice, commentary and promise of how IT departments can lead/support their business peers with their digital transformation. The Holy Grail will be to deliver IT with as much prowess of the FANGS (Facebook, Apple, NetFlix, Google, Spotify). However the majority of IT departments will continue to struggle to achieve this for a number of reasons including:
a) Confusion on how the (business) senior leadership team will jointly define digital, manage the transformation and the related organisational change;
b) IT will continue to be perceived as a cost centre, back office function and not a business enabler; and
c) IT has a poor reputation with the business (e.g. a history of IT project overruns, lack of business engagement in past initiatives, weakly d…